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Tony Westby-Nunn is one of South Africa’s serious publishers on books of the history and tourism of selected regions in South Africa. Now concentrating on Family Histories and e-books. His first popular book, A Guide to the Anglo-Boer War is still read by researchers and tourists 20 years later, in the throes of updating for republishing in 2020.

On the heels of the Anglo-Boer War book of 2000, Tony discovered that books on towns are of tourist interest to both local and overseas visitors. Simon’s Town - An Illustrated Historical Perspective came next in 2002, co-authored with Boet Dommisse.

Realising that a coffee table book was not what the average traveller required; but a soft cover with smaller dimensions suitable for packing into a suitcase and easy reading.

The book on Hout Bay followed in 2003; and 2004, the first edition on Graaff-Reinet. 2007, Here comes the Alabama; then Aberdeen in the Cape; as well as the first of a number of Family Histories – The Last Safari.

2008 saw the second revised edition of Graaff-Reinet. Followed by a book on Frank Bradlow’s War.

2009 The History of the 1820 Matthews Settler family in South Africa.

In 2010: The Cape Journal - Willowmore; The Unfortified Military Villages of Sir Harry Smith 1848-1850. And The Kimberley Club.

2012, the publication of A Tug at my Heart, the story behind South Africa’s two “world’s most powerful and largest tugs” – the SA Wolraad Woltemade and SA John Ross (Smit Amandla). In 2013 and 2014, two revised editions and reprints of A Tug at my Heart were produced with equal success and demand.

2014, with Irish researcher and author, Eddie Jordan (Dublin, Ireland) – a family history titled They Came with Cromwell – the story of the Nunn’s of Wexford. The preview has been rated in the UK as one of the finest and concise family histories put together. In addition, Forts of the Eastern Cape by Prof. Colin Coetzee has been published with a limited print. This gargantuan tome of 700 pages is a book for the ‘special interest’ collectors.

2015 saw the publications of family histories: The Life of Walter Douglas Roughton, and Bombsight Scott DFC as well as Frederick I’Ons–Artist 1802-1887.

2017 and 2018 – a family history publication on The Ford and Messina Families of South Africa, and the first company history Atlatech – The First 40 Years – 1978-2018.

2019/20 – future publications will include A Guide to the Anglo-Boer War – Part One: Western Cape & St Helena Island, and e-book version of A Tug at my Heart.

2021, will see the e-book of Lawrence Green’s Lords of the Last Frontier. And an e-book novel titled Living with Life.

Many of the books featured regrettably are no longer available, but may be reproduced in e-book format in the future.

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